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Up and Coming Dance Session

Belly dance classes for groups and individual coaching and more.

Flamenco Arabe and “Golden age” of Belly Dancing.

May10th - July1st 2017

Have fun! Join us for 8 weeks belly dance session!

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1 Belly Dance for Beginners: Belly Dance basics! Every Saturday 2-3 pm. Open for all the levels.

2 Intermediate L. Class I: Saturdays 3-4 pm. Oriental combinations, basic to intermediate techniques, improvisation. Open for students with basic, intermediate to advanced levels.

3 Intermediate L. Class II: Wednesdays 8-9 pm. Full length choreography, Flamenko Arabe Fusion/ elementary level. Combines powerful gestures and moves. Basic to intermediate techniques, working at improvisation and performance skills.

4 Advanced L. Class I: Thursday 8-9 pm. “Golden Age” Dive into Golden era of Belly Dancing! Learn the history, character moves and gestures along with modern, full length mejance with elements of this style. Fun and classy, one of a kind class.

5 Advanced L. Class II: Saturdays 4-5 pm. Challenge yourself! Competition level combos and choreographies, intermediate to advanced techniques. Performing and competing students welcome!

6 Private Classes: available with a prior appointment. Coaching, setting personal goals, personal choreographies, performance/competition preparation and more.